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The long-awaited third entry of the Half-Life franchise has arrived. Days after the vanishing of Alyx Vance and the revival of Eli Vance, Eli and Gordon. IGN Half-Life 3 Valve • TBA • • NR IGN Rating Are You Playing? Overview Playlists Reviews Images & Screenshots 2 Images Summary Half-Life 2: Episode. ИнтернетHalf-Life 3. Информация. Описание. 9/10 ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛИ (2 240) Экшен, Шутер, Научная фантастика. Отменена — PC. Разработчик: Valve Software. Издатель.

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Learn more about DLSS 3. This site requires Javascript in order to view all its content. Please enable Javascript in order to access all the functionality of this web site. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Follow GeForce. Разработчик: Valve Corporation. Варианты названия: Half-Life 2: Episode Three. Об игре Half-Life 3 Жду выхода 1527 Не жду выхода 338. Развернуть описание. Трейлеры, геймплей и другие видео 02:25. Еще 3 видео. Инсайдер раскрыл подробности Half-Life 3, которую отменили в 2015 году.

Игра была мрачнее предыдущих частей. Нейросеть показала первый скриншот Half-Life 3. В сети уже шутят, что это настоящий слив. Фанат показал неофициальный трейлер Half-Life 3. Valve прокомментировала слухи о Half-Life 3. В геймплейном видео фанатского Half-Life 3 Фримен отправился под Архангельск.

Олды оценят. На Windows 93 можно сыграть в Doom и попробовать запустить Half-Life 3. Еще 120 новостей. Отзывы и оценки. Жду выхода 1527 Не жду выхода 338. Гости не могут изменять свои отзывы и оценки после публикации. Зарегистрируйтесь , чтобы все ваши отзывы хранились в вашем личном профиле и вы сможете редактировать их в любой момент.

Отмена Отправить отзыв. Half-life is defined as the amount of time it takes a given quantity to decrease to half of its initial value. The term is most commonly used in relation to atoms undergoing radioactive decay, but can be used to describe other types of decay, whether exponential or not. One of the most well-known applications of half-life is carbon-14 dating.

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Princeton University Press. ISBN 9780691135045. Retrieved 2012-04-25. Archived from the original on 2011-09-29. Nuclear- and Radiochemistry: Introduction. Walter de Gruyter. ISBN 978-3-11-022191-6. Chemistry for the Biosciences: The Essential Concepts. OUP Oxford. ISBN 9780199662883.

Spinal cord medicine. ISBN 978-1-888799-61-3. Water: Molecular Structure and Properties. New Jersey: World Scientific.

ISBN 9789814440424. Australian Government. Retrieved 30 April 2018. Bibcode : 2014EnST… PMID 24968074. East Tennessee State University. IX: Communicable and Other Diseases. Washington: U. Government Printing Office. Look up half-life in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Half times. Project Borealis. Half-Life 3. Half-Life Absolute Zero.

Half-Life 2 Complete Edition. Half-Life 2 Cinematic Mod. Приятной игры. Спасибо за первою халву. Ооо, искал первую часть, не нашел, играл во вторую, теперь можно и в первую поиграть, круто.

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Half-Life 1 ИнтернетCanceled. Half-Life 3 is the game fans are eagerly waiting for but it has not yet been announced or confirmed by the series creator, Valve.
Half-Life 3: новости, слухи, спекуляции и все, что известно об игре 7 января 2023 Мнения. Предзаказ на Half-Life 3 доступен в Steam’е! Именно эту фразу, вот уже несколько лет мечтает услышать каждый.
Valve explains why we still don’t have Half-Life 3 | PC Gamer Capcom вновь подняла планку качества для авторов ремейков. Несмотря на мемы про то, что Гейб не умеет считать до трёх, Half-Life 3 уже.
Half-Life 3: новости, слухи, дата выхода ИнтернетВсё об игре Half-Life 3 — описание, обзоры и отзывы, даты выхода, поддерживаемые платформы, официальный сайт и системные требования на.
Half-Life Calculator ИнтернетDetails View All Summary The yet-to-be announced, yet highly anticipated third installment in the Gordon Freeman FPS series, and Valve’s follow-up to Metacritic’s.
Half-Life 3: когда выйдет и при чем тут Гагарин? 10:02, 30 ноября 2021 Наука и техника Раскрыта судьба Half-Life 3 Блогер Тайлер Маквикер рассказал, что в выходе Half-Life 3 не.
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By Andy Chalk published 23 March 2020 Half-Life: Alyx is out (and excellent) but 16 years after Half-Life 2 a full-on sequel is still nowhere to be seen. ИнтернетI realized more than 10 years ago that Half-Life 3 was never going to come out. Gabe Newell also made it clear that there will never be a Half-Life 3. I am assuming that. ИнтернетDuring this year, a prototype of Half-Life 3 is developed, which would feature a mix of scripted narrative content and procedurally generated combat scenarios, inspired.

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This article will also present you with the half-life definition and the most common half-life formula. Each radioactive material contains stable and unstable nuclei. Half-life is defined as the time required for half of the unstable nuclei to undergo their decay process. Each substance has a different half-life. For example, carbon-10 has a half-life of only 19 seconds, making it impossible for this isotope to be encountered in nature.

Uranium-233, on the other hand, has a half-life of about 160 000 years. This term can also be used more generally to describe any kind of exponential decay — for example, the biological half-life of metabolites.

Nevertheless, it is an approximation that gets very accurate when a sufficient number of nuclei are present. Learn more about that by checking out our Radiocarbon dating calculator. We can determine the number of unstable nuclei remaining after time t t t using this equation:. It is also possible to determine the remaining quantity of a substance using a few other parameters:.

Confused by exponential formulas? Try our exponent calculator. Half-life is a similar concept to doubling time in biology. Check our generation time calculator to learn how exponential growth is both useful and a problem in laboratories!

Also, we use a similar concept in pharmacology, and we call it the «drug half-life». Find out more about that in our drug half-life calculator. Half-life is defined as the time taken by a substance to lose half of its quantity. The Razor Train fares even worse. They also seem to be very limited in what kind of cargo they can haul. Not that there are any couplers on them in the first place. These platforms are too tall and again there is a descending set of stairs at the end which enables you to enter the caboose passenger car.

Kill It with Fire : In the first game, you have to kill some Tentacles by igniting the rocket engine above it. Shortly thereafter, a Gargantua tries to kill you with fire. A quick and relatively easy way of dispatching enemies in Half-Life 2 and episodes, given proper equipment namely, the Gravity Gun and exploding things like gas cans ; Father Grigori makes extensive use of fire traps to thin the zombie horde in Ravenholm.

Kleiner has Lamarr, a pet headcrab. He regains consciousness just as the military begins its pullout. Living Legend : The Free Man, who starts a revolution just by showing up. The Combine are well aware of the threat he represents and unleash their everything when they find out about him. Living Motion Detector : The blind tentacles in the first game, and the cancelled hydra for the second, somewhat brought back via scripts.

Locked Door : You must find alternate routes due to these, whether it be a massive pipe falling through several stories, or exploding walls. Or one of many, many actual locked doors. Mildly subverted in Half-Life 2 when you come across a door locked with a padlock and simply shoot or pry off the lock.

Barney can do this in Blue Shift as well. And the barred doors which are actually Gravity Gun puzzles. When you have a backpack-mounted nuclear accelerator or an anti-tank missile launcher, who needs a steamboat? M-R Made of Indestructium : As with most video games, almost all of the scenery is invulnerable to your weapons in the first game.

Some odd exceptions include the metal grates which can be broken with a single crowbar swing, less than it takes to break most wooden crates and the concrete barriers which instantly shatter when you run the tram car through them. The HECU would speak like this when battling with you. Mascot Mook : It is not uncommon to see people at standard nerd gatherings running around in cute little Headcrab hats. Meek Dr. Kleiner «small» in German and forceful, verbose Dr.

Magnusson «magnus» meaning «great» in Latin. Judith Mossmann calls to mind the biblical Judith, whose Fake Defection helped to literally decapitate the Assyrian army.

Gordon «Freeman». The resistance from 2 and onwards even refer to him as «The One Free Man». The Men in Black : The G-Man gives off this vibe, dressed like a bureaucrat and with his origins a mystery. Mook Bouncer : The Nihilanth has an attack that does this. Thankfully, he only does it four times. Unfortunately, the places he teleports you to get progressively worse. On the fourth, he simply teleports you back to the third room with an unkillable extremely tough boss monster.

Mook Maker : The Gonarch, a fully-grown headcrab, spawns annoying baby headcrabs which are arguably worse than the adults. Thank you and good night. Same goes for Gunships, which uses a similar autocannon model. The Strider you encounter at the end of Episode One downplays this, firing at twice the fire rate of the ones you fought previously.

Mouth Flaps : Characters in the first game, due to engine limitations. Nerf : The Source version of the original Half-Life, even on hard mode, has a lot fewer enemies to deal with in the Xen levels and some other rare cases outside Xen due to there not being as many walkover game-play triggers that spawn in new enemies; especially Alien Controllers.

The «Interloper» level in particular toned down on the triggers. Alright, you had to kill him because he kept the hole between Xen and the Earth open, but it turns out that he was also the only thing keeping the Combine at bay, and his death gave them the opportunity they needed to invade Earth.

The Black Mesa incident as a whole is this. Freeman, if you can. You have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created?

Can you name even one thing? I thought not». Two instances from when Gordon first wakes up after the resonance cascade. The first allows you to hit an elevator button… A later incident has you stepping on a flimsy catwalk, causing it to collapse under the scientist on it.

Although the elevator will fall even if you break the glass. It vaporizes all his weapons except for the Gravity Gun, which the confiscator is unable to destroy. Instead, the confiscator malfunctions and ends up making it more powerful.

No Bikes in the Apocalypse : Inverted. There are bikes in HL2, but nobody can use them. The inversion is subverted in Concerned ; Gordon Frohman rides the bikes. The stasis between games might have rejuvenated him, but unless his suit has a diaper Gordon has been holding it in for at least four days. In the first game, Gordon could drink.

There were several vending machines, each one can dispense five cans of soda, and each soda adds one health. There are two scientists on toilets in the bathroom near the locker room.

No Fair Cheating : Sort of. Cheating will result in a permanent ban. Other «status report» deaths: Any time you let die a scientist who is needed to open a locked door or perform an important scripted event. This will result in Barney being fired for «improper handling of a Firearm.

The second game implies Dr. Similarly, Adrian Shephard in the expansion has to go through some sort of experimental blast furnace, which has no rails or catwalks to shield workers and is only accessible via a hole in the wall. The whole facility is a disaster waiting to happen: there are no emergency exits directly leading to the surface in case of fire or extradimensional incursions, ceilings and catwalks collapse without warning, and an alarmingly large amount of objects, namely computers, are Made of Explodium.

One of the worst is a giant fan near the silo area. The only way to turn it on is by climbing down a ladder onto a narrow catwalk beneath the blades and pressing a button. However, the only way to access said ladder is if the elevator is working. A power generator has a long tunnel going towards it for seemingly no reason to isolate it from the rest of the sector, and when you activate it, it proceeds to fry anything that walks between the two large generator pylons on the way in.

The abandoned areas the cliff face and the old missile silo have the excuse of no longer being maintained, but for some areas, there is no excuse. There is no reason that the two generators that run the tram to the surface should be allowed to launch giant arcs of electricity everywhere. Naturally, you have to do exactly what they tell you not to do. More true to the trope, grabbing a ladder within inches of the terminal surface prevents any damage.

Oh, Crap! One-Man Army : The protagonists all prove capable of taking on an overwhelming number of enemies, oftentimes by themselves. Especially impressive in the case of Alyx, who has neither the impressive arsenal nor the protective equipment of the other player characters. Our Zombies Are Different : And terrifying. A headcrab that latches onto a human host can turn them into a shambling puppet with long claws that feeds on flesh with its stomach-turned maw, while the host remains fully aware of their situation but is only able to scream in protest.

Practically your objective throughout Episode One. You pretty much succeed, but not entirely. Painfully Slow Projectile : The crossbow bolts move about as fast as a thrown baseball. This is likely to make up for the crossbow being so powerful, as well as being usable underwater. Personal Space Invader : Headcrabs. Snarks in the first game, even worse than the headcrabs. Half-Life 2 brings Fast Zombies, Antlions and Rollermines, which love to cuddle up real close to you while they attack.

Photoprotoneutron Torpedo : Tau cannons and gluon guns. Plot-Powered Stamina : Gordon never has to stop to eat, sleep, or take a piss though one might forgive that as a function of the suit.

The finale appears to take place shortly before sunset, so even if all you count is the original Half-Life 2 , Gordon is up and moving constantly for over forty-eight hours without a break. Pointy-Haired Boss : Dr. Wallace Breen was the administrator of Black Mesa at the start of the first game.

Of course, in the sequel, he gets worse. Specifically averted with Barney Calhoun in Blue Shift. Power Limiter : The collars and bracers the enslaved Vortigaunts wear in the first game diminish their powers and render them the mooks of the Xen invasion.

In the second game, when they can use their full powers… Note that the Combine employ similar shackles for the Vortigaunts they capture. Well, some of them are, at least. Put on a Bus : Corporal Adrian Shephard. Barney Calhoun appears to have been put on a train at the end of Episode One , not to be seen since.

He is missed. The sequel makes Gordon lower his weapon automatically when pointing the crosshairs at a friendly NPC so it no longer applies, though the player can still fire it harmlessly without aiming anyway. He is not amused by this. Possibly justified. See those shiny green things they wear in the first game? Those are slave collars similar to the ones the Combine put on them. A handful of them are: The original game is named Half-Life, and a major objective involves Freeman working with the Lambda Complex.

The lower-case lambda is used to represent exponential decay ; in other words, the half-life of radioactive materials. Additionally, chapter names often allude to this through double meanings, such as «Surface Tension». Technically a «hypervelocity projectile» weapon, but works like a hitscan laser that reflects off any solid map surface at 45 45-degree angle or less to the horizontal. Remember the New Guy?

A more blatant example of this is Dr. Research, Inc. Retcon : Too many to list here. A complete list can be found on Combine OverWiki though. The Reveal : Black Mesa knew about Xen for years, maybe decades, and were studying and processing the denizens.

Revolvers Are Just Better : The revolver is much more powerful than the semi-automatic pistol in both Half-Life 1 and 2, and perfectly accurate. Averted in Opposing Force , where the Python is replaced with a Desert Eagle , which has the advantages of an extra round in the magazine, a Laser Sight for even greater accuracy and a quicker reload time. Rocket Jump : This can be done with various explosives. Pressing the alternate fire button has the player character shove the explosive on the ground, allowing it to slide to a safe distance.

The primary fire button, meanwhile, triggers the charge to blow. The Deathmatch multiplayer expansion adds the SLAM, which can act similarly to the Satchel Charge from the first game and its expansions when thrown, complete with its own detonator. Script Breaking : A staple of speedruns. Scripted Event : There are no cutscenes, so the Half-Life series uses these almost exclusively for storytelling.

Sensory Tentacles : The Tentacles react to loud noises. They also appear to have a small eye near the end of each appendage, but they rely considerably more on their hearing than their sight. Sequence Breaking : The physics engine and stackable boxes allow clever players to bypass some of the challenges. There are three areas in «Nova Prospekt» where the player must use mounted turrets to repel the Combine. In two of those areas, it is possible to stack boxes to block some of the attack routes and, in the second, to escape to a more defensible position.

Shared Universe : With Portal. Probably Counter-Strike too judging by all the Black Mesa logos in the retail maps, the fictional Black Mesa auto-turrets in Condition Zero , the title of the first game Half-Life: Counter-Strike , and its remake being bundled with every retail copy of Half-Life 2. It was eventually folded into the separate universe of its sequel instead.

Shout-Out : The premise of the first game of a military-funded experiment opening a portal to another dimension that envelops a settlement in a mysterious storm that causes aliens to teleport in, followed by a heavy-handed military response, is inspired by The Mist.

Some of the Xen aliens also bear similarities to the monster designs described in that story. The game had the working title Quiver , named after the Arrowhead military base from The Mist. In Opposing Force , two are mentioned from Star Wars. First, a security guard asks a scientist if he has seen the new IG-88. Second, at the end of this segment, you see doors that look like they were from the trash compactor room in A New Hope.

The opening helicopter ride in Opposing Force is very similar to the helicopter ride scene in Predator with some lines even lifted verbatim.

The headcrabs are a blatant Xenomorph Xerox , especially in the Black Mesa era games where you see them infest scientists, workers, and soldiers in abandoned industrial facilities, and end their threat by fighting their queen. This carries over to Half-Life 2 where the Combine weaponize them just like Burke wanted to.

Opposing Force starts with a tutorial set during boot camp, paying homage to Full Metal Jacket boot camp sequences. Notably: Drill instructor T. Barnes: Where are you from, soldier?

Holy cow! In Opposing Force , during the pit worm chapter, there is a panel with buttons on it. The buttons are labelled «Valve» and «Gearbox. The Gluon Gun from the first game is an unlicensed nuclear accelerator that uses uranium as ammunition. The sewer area with the collapsed catwalk is also modelled after a similar area on one of the pages as well. Brett Johnson, one of the level designers, also admitted he modelled the areas as a shout-out.

Not really a positive shout-out, but during the Antlion defence portion early in Episode Two , Griggs mentions that he «misunderestimated» the size of the Antlion force. The premise of the first game and its overall structure is quite similar to Doom and several developers admitted to taking inspiration from it.

An issue of The Onion can be found in a trash can in the first game. One of the deathmatch maps, Halls2, is based on a netplay level in the first Marathon , Halls of Death. Halls3 for Half-Life 2 : Deathmatch is similar as well.

Sickening «Crunch! Slave Mooks : The Stalkers and all Synths are this. Vortigaunts used to be this for the Nihilanth. You also have to save Barney from Combine Snipers later in the game. This was supposed to happen multiple times in the beta. While never performed by the player, Alyx takes this role twice, one time during each Episode, to your benefit.

Soft Water : Bodies of water will frequently save you from massive damage a lot. Главная Обсуждения Мастерская Торговая площадка Трансляции. Изменить язык. Установить Steam.

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Half-Life 3 ИнтернетCall of Duty: Warzone. reply More repliesMore replies. 2.3K votes, 73 comments. 239K subscribers in the HalfLife community. Welcome. Welcome to r/HalfLife. You have chosen, or have been chosen to.
Half-Life 3 — обзоры и оценки игры, даты выхода DLC, трейлеры, описание ИнтернетHalf-life: 3 minutes: Example. Every 5.27 years, the mass of cobalt-60 halves. The number of cobalt-60 atoms halves. The activity of cobalt-60 halves.
Half-life — Wikipedia To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of Half-Life we reunited the original development team to share their memories of creating Valve’s first gam.
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Half-Life 3 ИнтернетHalf-Life 3 is the game fans are eagerly waiting for but it has not yet been announced or confirmed by the series creator, Valve. Palworld Guides Enshrouded Guides Diablo 4 Season 3 Battle.
Half-Life Calculator — Radioactive decay calculator Half-Life is a first-person shooter game from Valve. First released for Windows in 1998, this paid action game redefined the way video games incorporated storytelling and world-building. Instead of focusing on gunning down endless waves of monsters, it makes you think by putting you through clever and.
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